Friday, July 18, 2014

T Ball

First year of Tball!
Carter had a blast this summer with all of his neighbor buddies!
It is pretty cute watching these munchkins play.
He learned to step and throw, get a grounder and put cones on his head to make other boys laugh :)
(I wasn't a baseball player, but I don't think the last task was necessary to play the game)

Little Missy had fun watching her big brother!

Such a big boy!

Chaos :)

Who knows what these two are talking about :)

Neighbor boys!

Such a cutie!  Good job Carter!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Grandma and Grandpa come to visit!

Man oh Man this summer is flying by....I can barely keep up with life let alone blog posts :)
A couple weeks ago we had some special visitors.  Grandpa Weier and Grandma Alfaro from Massachusetts came to visit.  They were in town for my cousin Zach's graduation and made their way out to Albertville!  Grandpa hadn't seen the house, so it was nice to have him visit!
The kids had a blast showing Grandma and Grandpa their house, toys and all of the fun things they are up to!  Just wish we were a little closer so we could see them more often :)

Monday, June 9, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend was a blast this year!
I finally had the full Holiday Weekend off this year and the weather was perfect. 
After this long MN winter, the sun and heat felt fabulous!
We hung around home the whole weekend, which is sometimes my very favorite thing to do.  A nice little Stay-Cation.

The kids had a blast with their new slip and slide, eating yummy summer treats, and swimming at the pool.  We had a couple bonfires with neighbor friends and even camped in the backyard with Brandon and Erin.  We ended the weekend with a trip to the Farm in Lakeville for a Memorial Day Picnic with Family!

Lily enjoying the sun

Some fun action shots of the kids and the slip n slide!

Reese loved it too!

Warming up!

Watermelon treats!

Erin brought her pup Finn for the weekend.  He is so adorable and such a good pup!

Fun at the pool!

Silly Uncle Bran

Having a blast at the pool!

Carter's favorite spot in the whole wide world....Next to Grandpa Farmer in the tractor!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dave and Connie's 50th!

A sweet family picture.  I love my little Remme Family :)

What a wonderful celebration!
My step-dad Jeff's parents Connie and Dave celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this year!
Their kiddos put together a great surprise party!
50 years ago they weren't able to have a band at their reception, so of course it was necessary to surprise them with a polka band.
The kiddos had a blast....Reese wouldn't get off the dance floor.
We did end the night with the stomach flu (poor Carter Man) but up until that point it was a great time!

My handsome little man (who doesn't look so little anymore)

Reesey with her Nana!

Daddy and Carter

Erin and Brandon!

Dancing Queen

Chicken Dance!

Love this girly!

The newlyweds :)

So cute....I especially love that little hand around her big brother's waist :)

Love him lots

Great Grandma Riley!  She was surely the life of the party! 

Abigail and Grandma Kovash

Jeff with his Grandma!  92 and she was on the dance floor ALL NIGHT LONG!

My Mom and Grandpa Thompson

Bruce and Debbie!

Happy 50th Anniversary Dave and Connie!
We love you!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Little Missy Is Two

Sweet lil Reesey turned two in March and she just had her 2 year check up :)  
Reese did great!  She sat so nicely for Dr. Mahony and got one ouchie in her leg.  She cried for about 5 seconds and then was excited to get tatoos and stickers!  

Reese is:

34 1/2 inches (60th Percentile)

25 lbs (20th percentile) Our little peanut

Head 19 inches (75th percentile)

She is healthy little girl and is right on track with her vocab as a two year old.  She should be saying 2 words together which is what she has been doing :)  (We are just used to Mr. Carter who was a talkative little man)

Reese climbs up and down the stairs like a big girl, most of the time not holding on to anything
She is incredibly independent and usually would prefer to do things on her own.  ie: getting into the car and her car seat, walk in parking lots, brushing her teeth, put on her socks (and of course the specific ones she picked out), climb and play on things outside without assistance and then end it with "I DID IT!"

Little Reese loves being outside.  I joke by saying the poor girl hasn't really experienced MN outside since she was born.  The spring and summer of 2012 was fabulous but she was a newborn.  The next spring sucked and we were in the townhouse for the summer while we rented and didn't use the tiny yard much.  And then from November until now we have been stuck inside.  So when this girl gets outside she DOES NOT want to come back in and will throw a tantrum.  "Outside!" is a frequent word out of her mouth.

Her and her brother are always racing to things and she will yell out "I win!" (maybe she will be a runner like her Mommy)

Reese loves baby dolls, my ponies, books, Singing "Let it Go," and of course her Minnie Mouses.  You can also tell that she has a big bro because she loves playing with Carter's train set, cars and playmobil (she may like it even more because she knows it bugs Carter)  

Reese has the BEST facial expressions and always makes us giggle with her eye rolling, mad face and her pouty lips.

She loves her baby cousin Brynlee and is always giving her her Nookies.

Reese is tough, she can run into something or get in a scuffle and come out just fine.  She tends to brush it off pretty easily.  

I think her independent attitude may give us a run for our money when it comes to disciplining her.  She will pinch Carter (witnessed by us) and then say "I no pinch Carter."  And little Missy doesn't seem to mind being put in time-out.  We may have to come up with an alternative.

Reese is still sleeping in her crib like a champ.  She sleeps well most of the time and if she does wake up she yells out "MOMMA!!" Funny thing is Momma doesn't ever hear her and Daddy usually comes to the rescue.  

She LOVES accessories:  headbands, her pig tails (always asking for "PIGGIES!"), bracelets, necklaces, sunglasses and fancy shoes.

Reese is a Beautiful, Feisty, Energetic, Loving and Independent girl.  We love her so much and cannot wait to watch her grow.  Please pray for me when she hits 12 (her and I may butt heads a bit)

I included the 2 year Chair Pic and her 2 year pics done by Kara, which turned out so cute!